Family Law

  • Probate and family courts in New Jersey cope with the legal and financial issues of a family dispute every day. Rafael A. Triunfel is a family lawyer that represents clients who must resolve these serious family matters constantly. The courts are not equipped to deal with the emotional aspects of a family crisis. Your Family Law Attorney, Rafael A. Triunfel will guide you to a resolution of your family law issue with compassion, empathy, and respect due to his wide understanding of the Family Court laws in New Jersey. Call Mr. Triunfel now for immediate help to resolve your problem.

    We are a comprehensive Family Law practice asserting the rights of individuals and families in New Jersey for many years. We represent mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, legal partners, grandparents, and children in Family Law matters of all kinds.

    Rafael A. Triunfel will serve as your advocate and advisor for all your Family Law Matters including:

    • Alimony/Spousal Support
    • Child Support
    • Custody Proceedings
    • Divorce
    • Guardianships
    • Paternity
    • Temporary & Permanent Restraint Orders
  • Divorce

    Divorcing a spouse usually has one key issue that is of the most importance to them. It could be the custody of their child(ren), or the financial support of them. Or, it can be parental visitation rights, a division of joint property, or any other important matter.

    Rafael A. Triunfel will explain the applicable laws and all the options that you and your family have to legally protect your rights. He will create the proper strategies to successfully navigate the legal system to get you the best possible results. Strategies can include:

    • Going to Court to File for Divorce Immediately
    • Represent You in Direct Negotiations with your Spouse
    • Advise & Represent Your Through a Mediation Process
    • Or, Represent You and Your Spouse in a Collaborative Approach

    We will serve as your advocate to resolve all associated issues surrounding your legal family matter.

    For immediate help CONTACT US TODAY.

  • Child Custody and Support

    New Jersey courts are obligated to ensure its residents are financially protected during and after the divorce process. Rafael A. Triunfel will work with you to obtain the financial support you will need to raise your child(ren). He will help you to establish an order, or he may help to modify a temporary child support order or seek to enforce a current Child Support Order that is not being paid.

    The ultimate goal of Child Support is to ensure that children are not financially disadvantaged by a divorce or a separation. We will work with you to ensure your rights as well as the best interests of your children.

    Child Custody disputes can be traumatic for both parents and the children as well. While you are living with your children, you have unlimited time with them. While you are in the middle of a divorce or separation you do not have that access, it is both distressing & disruptive. It is better for your children if you can negotiate a Child Custody Arrangement with your spouse or the child’s other parent. Since this is not always possible, you need a Family Law Lawyer to negotiate and litigate a comprehensive Child Custody arrangement, especially if there are issues involving domestic abuse or violence.

    In highly-contested Child Custody cases, courts may appoint a guardian “ad litem” to represent the interests of the child or to determine what is in the child’s best interests. For a strong legal advocate, call Rafael A. Triunfel today for immediate help!